Do your proposals make you money?

As business owners, we all want to leave the best impression with our clients and prospective clients. We invest in beautifully designed brochures, printed on glossy paper, or, if you’re going all out to impress, bound into a book. But what happens with our proposal documents we send to a prospect? It’s hardly feasible that we send every document off to a graphic designer or marketing team so that all of the documents appear consistent. But consistency is important. Everything that we produce in our businesses is a reflection of our culture and brand and every business should take care with its presentation of all documents. Why would you want to destroy all that hard work by planting u

I'm raising a toast to Dad

So here it is, this very special day. Today, 1st August 2017, is the first birthday of Bluebird Support Services Limited and the second anniversary of the sad passing of my dad. Most children live to make their parents proud and I miss having my dad around to have his blessing, and I still want to make him proud. When I had my #yearoffirsts party in 2013 (the first anniversary of being singalised after a not totally happy 20 year marriage) my parents gave me a gift. It was a beautiful broach of a flying bird. I never expected any gifts from a divorce party, and this one from Mum and Dad was really quite poignant. When Dad gave it to me he said "It's only small love, but it's to symbolise yo

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