People notice your formatting

Have you ever heard a colleague make negative comments about the quality of another law firm’s legal document? The number of typos or the misaligned paragraphs or inconsistent numbering or giant gaps on the page? It’s frustrating because when you try and amend it, the paragraphs move around and the numbering seems to get more erratic. That begs the question as to whether other lawyers are saying it about your documents. And more importantly, whether clients are saying it … and how does that affect their confidence in your skills. People notice your formatting, just like you notice other people’s. Good lawyers train for years in how to be detailed, how to be precise, what to advise client

Who is productive and how is quality managed?

I’ve been asked this and similar questions a number of times since work from home came into rule. If you had asked me six months ago, I’d have probably agreed with several of the reasons for keeping people working in the office. But now? There has always been an issue with trust when it comes to support staff working from home (some fee earners too). Some of the words I hear are “what are they doing all day”, “how long does it take to do x?”, “are they really working or watching TV?”, “how do I know that what is being sent out to client is quality if I can’t see it?”. Does it ring a bell with you? The issue of trust in someone performing their job well and delivering what you want, how an

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