Courts and Tribunals are requesting electronic bundles off documents and they have a list of specific requirements, some of which include: 

  1. The documents in the bundle must be the subject of OCR (optical character recognition).  That means the bundle can be searched by typing in a keyword or phrase. 

  2. All documents should appear in portrait mode.  If the original is in landscape then it should be inserted so that it can be read with a 90-degree rotation clockwise and no document should be inserted upside down.

  3. The default view for all pages should be 100%.

  4. All items should be bookmarked to be easily navigable in the index.

  5. All pages should be numbered, including the index.

Using a bundling software helps organise and index your bundle of documents.  It will paginate and convert different formats into PDF so a lot of the work can be automated. You can add and remove documents from the bundle and the index and links will be updated for you.


What you may need some help with is re-naming your documents, inserting correct dates and sorting and arranging multiple sections.   


You can watch a demo of the bundling application here.  


The costs of your bundle will be from £77 plus VAT.  It will take our PAs a minimum of one hour to prepare and includes the cost of the bundling application which is £45 per bundle.   

Get started with our 3 easy steps

We need:

  1. Your documents.  If there is a large number of documents then we will discuss which is your preferred file transfer format.

  2. For a straight forward bundle, we can work out sections for pleadings, correspondence and evidence.  You may wish to dictate your index to us so we can follow your list. 

  3. We will return your bundle to you the same day, often within our standard 4 hour turnaround time.  It will be in a single PDF file.

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