We do our utmost to minimise any impact on your current processes so that outsourcing is as seamless as possible and that any changes keep disruption to your productivity to the minimum. 


We can work with whatever systems you have but in some cases dictation systems don't always allow for easy outsourcing.


With this in mind we have a partnership with SpeechWrite Digital who have developed a very flexible system that can be used either, as a fully integrated workflow solution, or a simple dictation app for individuals to send their work direct to us.  


With SpeechWrite 360 you can have a total workflow solution that includes dictation, template management, speech recognition, workflow to your internal secretaries, and outsourcing to Bluebird.  All of this is hosted in a secured cloud server which is accessed by a web browser, desktop or mobile application.  The costs allow for easy scaleability for any business at an inclusive low cost per month per user.  


We recommend the SpeechWrite 360 solution for ease of use, convenience of managing templates, and security of your data and information.  


You can download the data security information here.  


A free trial of a system may not be of any use if you don't have any transcriptionists, so we'll work for you for free too.  Our special offer to you is to transcribe 10 minutes of audio dictation with the free trial of the SpeechWrite 360 dictation app. 

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