We provide a fast and efficient transcription service for your meeting notes, correspondence, and documents.  Digital dictation can also be used to give instructions to your Bluebird PA to request tasks to be undertaken.   


Your Bluebird PA can provide a regular typing resource for your business and we can be part of your business continuity during busy periods or when resources are stretched because of absence.  We pride ourselves on being a reliable typing service that frees up your busy PAs so they can undertake more urgent tasks.


We work with most dictation systems so the chances are we can already integrate with any dictation system you're already using.  If you don't have any dictation software then we can arrange a free trial of the digital dictation apps from SpeechWrite 360.  

Bluebird maintains a secure database of your templates, your formatting guides, and any specific know-how.  We keep our PAs trained in your work so that you have a consistent look and feel for your documents. 


You will never have to worry about recruitment, training, and retention of staff as our services remove that headache for you. 


Charges for transcription are per dictated minute, so you are never paying for a slow typist. Read more about our Prices.

Get started with our 4 easy steps

We need:

  1. Your decision on which users will be enthusiastic to trial a new service.

  2. Your templates so that we can format in your style.

  3. You send some tests to check everything works.

  4. Then we are good to go.

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