Legal documents contain complex automatic numbering schemes and other advanced Microsoft Word formatting. Small problems can quickly escalate when there is collaboration on agreements between different organisations.


The documents produced by your firm are an extension of your brand. Missing numbers or poor formatting and technique not only creates a mediocre impression but can also present a security risk.  Word documents require expert care and attention to ensure professional standards and information security are maintained.


Bluebird PAs are Word experts who can fix and format your complex documents and keep them free of corruption.  We can repair broken numbering and apply consistent formatting and house style, ensuring that your documentation is produced professionally and efficiently, while you deal with important client work. We are experts at legal word processing. 


We can convert unencrypted PDF documents into a usable Word file, and apply your numbering and branding. We will maintain a secure database of your templates and train our PAs to understand your house style and individual requirements to ensure that documents align with your brand.


If your templates are created in an old version of Word and need updating, or if you need a whole new look, we can help you create new templates to make Microsoft Word work for you. 


If you have an issue with a document and need help, call us on 020 3409 7040. 

Get started with our 4 easy steps

We need:

  1. Your templates for analysis along with any house style guides.

  2. We develop our in-house training for Bluebird PAs.

  3. You accept our Ts&Cs.

  4. Send us a piece of work to test and we are good to go.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a house style?

A house style is a set of formatting rules that represent your brand. We use this to ensure that every document we produce for you is consistent and error free.

Do we need to have a house style?

It is preferable to have a house style so that the Bluebird team know the rules of how to prepare your documents. If you don’t have a house style we can help you create one.

How long does it take to format a document?

How long is a piece of string? The length of time it takes depends on the document itself. That said, we are document experts and can work much faster at formatting your documents than those who don’t have the skills.

Can you format any document?

We can format any document whether that is in Word, PowerPoint or Excel, and whether that is an internal document or one from other company. All we ask are some basic instructions, eg: prepare automatic cross referencing, update showing track changes, do not convert to house style.

Can you do track changes and compare documents?

We can produce two versions of the same document. One to show all of the amendments in track changes and one with all of the amendments accepted (a clean copy). If you have two versions of a clean document then we can compare both and give you a marked-up version.

What are your charges?

We charge an hourly rate for documents work. For more information visit Pricing.

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