Would you like to promote your business to those people walking past your door or close by?  Perhaps you would like to offer your customers a special deal when they are on your premises?  Or, just simple business promotion to a brand new set of customers? 


How Proximity Marketing works

Bluebird places a small 'beacon' in a suitable location in your business premises.  The beacons are small and robust enough to be attached a key ring or can be 'hidden' virtually anywhere, even on a belt or in a pocket.  


These beacons continually broadcast a message, using Google 'Nearby' technology, that will be received by any nearby Android or iOS device or telephone that has its Bluetooth service switched on.  


The message will appear as a notification on the device and can include a clickable link to a website landing page.  A landing page can be an existing website page or a specifically created page with an up to date special promotion or offer.  


Is Proximity Marketing for you? 

If you are a business looking to attract more customers or want to increase your customer's average spend, then Proximity Marketing from Bluebird can help you achieve your goals.  You can send amazing offers to people passing by your business, straight to their smartphone.  Businesses that can benefit are Accountants, Solicitors, Business Services, Restaurants, Retailers, Sports Club and many, many more.


Your business may provide a service and even be mobile.  Imagine promoting your business wherever you are working.  Attract the attention of new customers, regardless of whether you are in your regular workplace OR in a different location.  Trades businesses can benefit from promoting their business by using Proximity Marketing from Bluebird.  


Want to know more? 

If you would like to understand how Proximity Marketing can work for your business, then make contact with us directly and have an informal conversation about this exciting new technology.


Call Jayne: 0151 363 7070



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