When meta-data is a bad thing

November 28, 2016


Not naming names as this could cause embarrassment.  But it does highlight the need for training solicitors in how to use technology.


I received a draft letter for approval from my instructed solicitor.  It contained all of the drafting notes from the precedent.  The drafting notes were formatted with hidden text in Word. 


I’m tech savvy and could immediately respect my solicitor’s response “all of that will disappear when the letter is printed”.  But what if the recipient wasn’t as tech savvy as me?  Someone, for example, who is already in a vulnerable position and needs constant reassurance that they’re being looked after by experts.  They are asked to approve a letter but it contains drafting notes that are confusing to the lay person and they can’t properly read the letter. 


The scenario causes unwanted and costly communication because the solicitor has no option but to explain – and reassure – the client.  The real problem is the ‘reassurance’.  The last thing a client needs is a reassurance that they’ve chosen the right expert.  They want confidence. 


Please look in detail at every process in your firm.  What are you doing, or not doing, that may be undermining your brand. 


If you want help with your documents or advice and help in filling that skills gap, please contact us.

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