Fast track to a professional negligence claim

December 8, 2016



I was delivering training at Milbank, inducting trainee solicitors into the firm’s technology applications and processes. 


I enjoyed, once again, being at the coal face and working internally in a law firm.  To get an understanding of our millennials' take on technology is eye opening.  It was also very easy working with very enthusiastic individuals who wanted to absorb as much information as possible.


Of course I made the mistake of assuming a level of knowledge that did not exist.  I’m not saying my trainees knew nothing – far from it!  But there were some ‘basics’ of a lawyer’s job that we assume are learnt at university and college. 


I spent just 15 minutes explaining what track changes are in Word how the new features work in 2010 version of the app.  The difference between knowing and not knowing can cause untold problems for the future.  Not knowing how to clean a document of comments before sending it out is a route to a professional negligence claim.  This is a key skill and it’s not being taught in colleges. 


If it’s not being taught in colleges, is it being taught in your firm?  How do you know if it’s being taught? How do you know that your solicitors have learnt it? 


We all must keep learning because it’s a dangerous situation to not know what you don’t know. 


Bluebird has assessment tools and solutions to help you be efficient and compliant.  Contact us for more information. 

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