Do your proposals make you money?

August 7, 2017


As business owners, we all want to leave the best impression with our clients and prospective clients.  We invest in beautifully designed brochures, printed on glossy paper, or, if you’re going all out to impress, bound into a book.  But what happens with our proposal documents we send to a prospect?  It’s hardly feasible that we send every document off to a graphic designer or marketing team so that all of the documents appear consistent. 

But consistency is important.  Everything that we produce in our businesses is a reflection of our culture and brand and every business should take care with its presentation of all documents.  Why would you want to destroy all that hard work by planting unconscious seeds of doubt about your quality by delivering poor follow up documents?

It’s common practice that documents are sent to others in a non-editable PDF format.  We started doing this many years ago because it meant the recipient didn’t have compatibility issues with different applications.  Then it became the norm to PDF documents because of security as they couldn’t be edited.  Now it’s simply considered ‘professional’.  

As a rule of thumb, when writing your documents, always consider the recipient reader.  The flow of your document should be to have the most important information at the start.  That’s not always possible, particularly with long technical or legal documents, and that’s where good indexing plays its part. 

Make life easier for the reader by formatting your documents so that the reader can scroll and navigate your document by bookmarks, headings, and paragraph and page number links.  This isn’t rocket science, there’s a native feature in Microsoft Word that does this for you with the correct formatting tools.  

Ultimately, you want your proposal documents help you close your sales.  So let’s pay closer attention to what’s being said and unsaid.  

Bluebird can help you: 
•    Create graphically designed, Microsoft Word, proposal templates
•    Update and fix any documents
•    Create bookmarks and hyperlink your documents
•    Convert to professional bookmarked and linked PDFs
•    Speed up the delivery of your proposals so you can close your sales faster. 


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