Producing well-formatted legal documents... efficiently

In the modern law firm, it is expected that lawyers will work on their own Word documents – but what if this isn’t the most efficient way?

While Microsoft Word may be ubiquitous, it is a complex program which contains highly technical functions and automation. Having a basic understanding of Microsoft Word is simply not enough.

It goes without saying that legal documents are very important pieces of work, fundamental to a deal and a client relationship – and they should be treated as such. When a document goes "wrong" or is treated badly by inexperienced hands, it can be catastrophic.

At Bluebird, we have worked in law firms and within the wider legal sector for decades, so we know how important legal documents are.

For many law firms, cost efficiencies have meant outsourcing the heavy-lifting of their document production function. This is a good thing for the following reasons:

1. It saves PA time: PA ratios are far higher than they used to be. As a result, PAs no longer have the time to work on legal documents, and need to instead dedicate themselves to the busy day-to-day workload of their lawyers.

2. It saves lawyer time: Five hours of lawyer time spent on a document that might take a technician just one hour equates to four very expensive hours.

3. It saves money: Modern law firms often work to fixed fee structures, and writing off tens of thousands of pounds in fees because of time spent on documents is untenable.

4. It guarantees expertise: A document technician has the experience and skill to professionally complete the task in question, quickly and efficiently.

David Evans of Open Plan Law says: "Bluebird has provided us with excellent client service. Their experienced team has provided invaluable support on a number of time-intensive and document-heavy transactions. We are particularly pleased with their responsiveness and superb attention to detail, which gives us more time to devote to advising our clients."

At Bluebird we are proud of our team of expert document technicians. They have a deep understanding of the more granular parts of Microsoft Word software that most people are unaware of, and which are often the most important parts.

Outsourcing your legal documents to Bluebird will result in automated and consistently formatted documents. We will provide a summary of any issues we may encounter, for example, inconsistent information and typos, which may have been missed by lawyers with tired eyes from re-reading large complex documents.

Bluebird's document technicians can spot – and fix – common errors in formatting that may cause problems in future versions of the document.

As well as deal documentation, we can also create professional-looking client presentations and documents containing tables, charts and summaries.

Bluebird's legal document experts understand that your work is highly confidential and sensitive. Indeed, we have strict security protocols in place to give you peace of mind that your document is locked down.

Whether you are struggling with a particular document, looking for a reformat and automation of your entire precedent bank or wanting to outsource your document production service generally – our bespoke service is the answer.

If you’d like to speak to us about your options, or to set up a trial, please get in touch.

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