Is cutting costs also cutting knowledge out of your business?

We see many of our lawyer clients successfully growing their businesses, and at the same time taking on more tasks and being “self-sufficient”. But being self-sufficient doesn’t necessarily mean being efficient.

Law firm owners and managers are starting to ask more questions about efficiency in their practices. Cutting overheads via the principle of “more lawyers and less staff” makes sense, and lots of firms are doing just that.

But are they also cutting specialty knowledge?

To reduce overheads, many law firms have cut MS Word experts, the workers of special magic in large complex agreements. Firms may instead rely on secretaries, who are already working for six or eight lawyers and therefore have limited capacity to spend hours on a document. Or they may rely on the lawyers themselves.

Lawyers worked hard at school and university, passing tough exams and going through a rigorous selection process to get a training contract and qualify into their chosen specialty. They strive to become well-respected by their peers, with many now adding “cutting edge” niche specialties to their list of attributes in order to stand out. And when they make partner …

It's hard work being a lawyer.

So why make it harder by adding an expectation of specialty Word expertise?

When faced with a 300-page SPA full of list templates, bookmarks, Styles and other people's amendments, lawyers soon realise that they are not equipped to deal efficiently with the issues that arise in a lengthy and complex document. Particularly when others - clients or other lawyers - are breaking it for you!

But who fixes it?

Well, lawyers of course. Working into the wee hours, struggling with out-of-control numbering and formatting which just seems to get progressively more troublesome as the hours roll on and fatigue and exasperation sets in. And lawyers - you've all been there right?

Is this efficient use of a lawyer’s time? Of course not.

It’s not only inefficient, but it’s also time-consuming, wasteful and stressful. Lawyers are a proud bunch and find it difficult to put their hand up and say they’re struggling.

And even if they did, without specialty Word support, who are they going to ask?

That specialty support may have been cut from some law firms, but it is still out there. And a full expert document service can be provided at a reasonable cost and far quicker than it would take your hard-working lawyers to do it.

Put your hand up, and get some help from an expert.

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