How to transcribe telephone calls

May 28, 2019

There are some times, probably not often, but occasionally, it may be you could do with just a little extra help.  A little extra something to help your day go smoother.  


I'm going to tell you a fantastic tip that CAN help your day go smoother.  All you have to do is ... remember it for when you need it! 


Having a telephone conversation transcribed - or a face-to-face meeting for that matter - can be useful for  a number of reasons, the main being that a true and accurate record is kept for times of dispute or required evidence.  


The issue with recording and transcribing telephone calls has always been that the quality of the recording has to be good enough.  We've transcribed quite a few telephone calls recently and here's how best to set it up. 


1. Make your call on your smartphone and use the loud speaker function.  

2. Open up the SpeechWrite360 dictation app and start a new dictation job.

3. Remember to tell the other caller(s) that you're recording the call.

4. When call is finished, press send on the dictation app.  












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