Shall we all just go native?

May 28, 2019


Customised ribbons in Microsoft Word and "magic buttons" can deliver a quick fix to formatting documents.  But understanding native Word provides valuable transferable skills in your workforce.


Is your numbering "always going wrong" in Word documents? I don't want to point fingers, but it's not the numbering! Using a sound template created with Styles conformed to your house style will see you right, with very little training - believe it or not.


The messiest of documents from an opponent can be amended without losing format and documents are never 'broken'.

Parties, Recitals, Definitions, Schedules and Agreement sections of a legal document have different Styles with unique properties. A "wrong" number means you're breaking the properties.


Confused? Don't be. With a bit of training and a good template, you can revitalise your team's native Word skills. 


We wrote a book to explain more about how Word works and why lawyers need to know this.  


Download your free copy from here now. 




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