Advice from the UK Government could be to work from home

The UK Government is asking businesses and workers to work from home. Great! Such a lovely idea. If you want your secretaries to work from home here’s what you need to deal with:

  • Your employee needs to have a dedicated workspace in their home that meets health and safety requirements. Ideally you should be inspecting this on a regular basis.

  • You are responsible for all of their equipment and that can also include broadband connectivity, computer hardware, and the chair they sit in.

  • Don’t forget equipment also includes digital foot pedals for transcription, earphones/headset and possibly a telephone.

  • The working environment must be conducive for performing the tasks required. It’s not always possible to work from home if there’s other people around or if it’s noisy. My next-door neighbour has a very large dog that loves barking!

  • Working from home is a huge benefit to a lot of people but it doesn’t suit everybody. There are some people to enjoy an office environment and for them working from home can feel isolating. You community of homeworkers need exceptional communication tools, not just telephone or email. There are many benefits to having instant group chat features, using social media groups and generally allowing people to take time away from their desk for a virtual coffee break.

  • On that note about good communication, the benefit of working in close proximity in an office is that ability to hold your hand up and ask someone nearby for help with a problem. Just in time learning and problem solving needs good systems for training, learning and access to knowledge.

  • If you have good technology and work processes that allow safe transfer of digital files then you’re good to go. The difficulty for a lot of firms is what to do with paper files. If your business relies on paper files to transfer information then now is the time to consider your digital transformation. Paper really does hold a business back.

We are experts at creating work from home teams and we already has a resource of secretaries available to you. If you would like all of the benefits but without the stress and liability of employing staff then give us a call.

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