Go5plus and Bluebird formalise their partnership

April 15, 2020


Fulfilling their missions to increase the efficiency of law firms go5plus and Bluebird are delighted to formalise their cooperation in a partnership.


Go5plus as a single source of powerful solutions to professionals and Bluebird as specialists in document formatting, fixing and designing will work together on reducing the time law firms spend on document production and putting an end to a trade-off in quality. The value created as a result of this partnership will be available to law firms across the globe.

“We are excited to grow our repertoire of products with the expert services of the
Bluebird secretaries as it takes us a step closer to our goal of providing solutions that
are personalised to each client’s need. Resources are scarce, which is why we believe that having more options to optimise processes is key to building a competitive legal practice. The Bluebird team, as an outsourced extension to law firms, will let our clients increase their ongoing operational efficiency as they can have spotless documents every time without having to take on another fixed overhead cost.”

Kathy Griveas, Managing Director, go5plus

“Bluebird is delighted to join forces with go5plus. Our secretaries’ extensive experience working in complex legal documents fits perfectly among their solutions for the
document lifecycle. We believe that law firms’ time should be spent creating value within their area of expertise. A great amount of time is lost with lawyers trying to make
changes that would take a fraction of the time for a specialist. Being a go5plus partner means that clients can see the benefit of our services as a part of a larger process and, coupled with other products available, they can make it go even further.”

Leanne Bentley, Operations Director, Bluebird

Go5plus and Bluebird make a natural fit for each other as they both drive innovation in the way law firms operate. The partnership will open up a new opportunity for law firms
to break with their old habits and optimise their documents’ lifecycle to increase their
competitiveness on the market.

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