The best type of Zoom meeting

I’m sick of sitting at my PC and staring at a computer screen. I know that video meetings are the best thing we have available to us right now so I’m not moaning, but, we take for granted the ‘soft’ side of physical meetings, the small talk and getting to know people while we share a drink at a networking event. It seems we can’t replicate that in an online video network meeting.

There are many meetings that are marketed as networking but the format isn’t supportive of creating new relationships.

What I want to share with you, however, is what makes a great meeting and how I’m finding building new relationships with online meetings.

  • Have a very clear agenda and outcome for your meeting. Does your meeting have a theme or a series of questions for a discussion? Share these before you start your meeting. Let your audience know what to expect.

  • Think about how you run your agenda. Personally, I don’t like sitting staring at a screen with my microphone on mute. I want to engage with people and have my voice heard. So how do you give airtime to your guests in your meeting?

  • The host must be a firm facilitator and run the meeting so it starts on time, ends on time, and ensures that each attendee has a chance to speak and for how long.

  • Do your attendees know each other? It takes more effort but it’s well worth distributing a biography of your attendees prior to the meeting. I’ve found this invaluable and really helps to replace that small-talk-getting-to-know-you that we miss in physical meetings.

  • Give serious consideration to the number of people you invite into your meeting. If you want each person to have an opportunity to speak then that will impact the amount of time people are sat in front of a screen. I don’t care how impassioned you feel about your subject and how much you’re enjoying your meeting, be respectful of everyone’s time and attention spans.

  • Have a clear call to action at the end of your meeting that aligns with the expected outcome.

I have a clear call to action and a thank you for reading this article. If you want to learn how to use Zoom to schedule your meetings, invite guests, screen share and record your meetings, then book a cuppa with me.

I’m doing this for free to help people out. Because that’s what you do when there’s a global pandemic. Book here

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