Best Practice is defined as “commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective”.  It ensures that quality, accuracy, security, and consistency are the standard across your law firm’s documents.  

Our experience of working at the coalface means we have a deep understanding of how a culture becomes embedded, where skills gaps appear and how inefficiencies creep in.  And how difficult it can seem to change those habits. Our book can help law firms understand that the tools are already at their disposal.  Download the book here.

Our bespoke training is designed to relate directly to roles and responsibilities in your practice - whether it be troubleshooting document formatting issues when no one is around to help, or upskilling secretaries and document teams with more advanced skills. We can also create training that is adaptable to individual departments’ requirements.  

House style is important, not only to a firm’s brand but also to quality and accuracy … and therefore to Best Practice. We can create a standardised template and teach lawyers and secretaries how to use it effectively.  This may be your Agreement or letter template, right through to highly complex Offering Memoranda. Making your documents more user-friendly is synonymous with saving a lot of time and money!  

We can provide training to give PAs the marketing skills to attract and retain the clients you want, and maximise their value for your business.  Equally, many PAs are keen to develop further and more diverse skills to help them to add more value to your firm as well as build good relationships and influence your clients. This action promotes both repeat work and internal cross-referrals.


Call us on 020 3409 7040  for more information about how we can help your firm be even more successful.

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