As technology and mobility change so does the way in which work is delivered to your clients. Busy lawyers, professionals and executives now perform tasks that were once carried out by secretaries and PAs.  


Irrespective of size and model, law firms must be client-focussed and adaptable, developing tailored services to their clients in order to remain competitive.  It therefore follows that, as service delivery changes, so must the role of support staff and how a lawyer's time is most productively spent.  At Bluebird, we understand these changes and what they mean to your organisation, irrespective of its size.  We also understand that the legal sector is a dynamic place and will continue to develop. 


Outsourcing is not a new concept.  Many companies use this additional support for digital dictation and transcription services while others utilise improving speech recognition technology.  But typing is only part of the story as a remote PA can perform many of the tasks for which you need a PA's assistance. 


Bluebird PAs can support you and your business, with training that is tailored to the needs of your organisation, creating more meaningful support and effectively extending your team. 


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